Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Mood is Back

Hello Fellas, really miss blogging so much. I've back from my long long holiday. And this is what I'm doing when I'm feeling so bored in my boarding. 

Well like the tittle above. My mood is back. Yap. My mood to take pictures and edit it hahaha.
Actually tomorrow I'll be back to college. Face the second term. Meet my biggest lecture called cadaver >.<   Playing with my stethoscope and tension meter. Another anatomy set and TRAMED tools.  Almost people say that this term is almost very hard huhuhuhu :" FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

my lovely sneaker wedges from GOSH

I got my pant in Tunjungan Plaza bazar at Ground Floor. I love it. It's so comfy.

The tiny picture one :D

Okay done for this posting, See yaaa

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Pages of Mine

Hello Fellas
Wow! It was a long long long time no see this blog. Really miss this site and all inside. First time, I say sorry for my beloved blog because I left for months. Yay since I had a crowded schedule hahaha. From UNAS, Pasis, and my univ registration. 

Okay! One that I have to loud is NOW I'M NOT A HS STUDENT I have passed it with good score even though it was not like what I expected. 34,8. How bout yours? 

But I really got a big prize! My dream will come true. Alhamdulillah for this

Aaaaaa *drumrolls!! Say hello to my university. Yes, if you read my last post that I've been accepted to in President University. But sadly, I choose UNAIR for my next education. 

Blablabla next to my wonderful prom. Yuhuu maybe it was the longest prom ever. If you know the word "till drop" yay it described the prom. We ended it at 01.15 am. What a crazy prom!!!! And I got a box of toothpaste and toothbrush in "Tukar kado" session. Maybe it is a better prize than my other friends got. Like a right shoe only then she had to find another one. Hahaha LOL 
This is my make up for prom and my happiness with EUH (Extremely Unique Humans) 

I don't save much photos in myphone. Right I write this phone using my phone since there is no connection for my laptop argh

Um and I must say Alhamdulillah to Allah that give me many happiness. The last I may surprising you with my new cover (?) or whatever you say. This time to change to move to be better.

Awawawaw am I look better with hijab? I think yes of course hahaha.

Soon I'll post my new story and InsyaAllah my hijab style.
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See you bye bye in my next posting.