Monday, December 24, 2012

Behind The Scene

Hello bloggies, wow it's very long time for me no see and open this little blog. I was busy with all of my tasks and schedule as the last grade student. And now I'm free yeah! I had passed my exam and got my 5th term report book. Wohoooo, that's not bad and I can say it's good. I get the second rank in my lovely class. Thanks God! No seriously present for it but I have an occasion to spend one day in Malang with my fams and boyfie. Hahaha.

Well, in this first posting after I had a period, I'd like to tell you or share about my year book photo session. Huaaaaa T.T I won't to leave this senior high school but actually I won't stuck here. I have to go to University and be what I wanna be. Proudly, I've been accepted in Industrial Engineering at President University by scholarship test. I'm happy to be there. I can't wait for being a part of that univ. Please leave a comment for you who have been accepted there too. I wanna get friends before going to Jababeka.

Today, I have a fun and crazy photo session in Puncu. I don't know where the right place or location but I just understand that it is a forest, nice and clean forest. Actually I can't find it on the town center >___<  
What I have to do? A lot of activities which make me tired but I'm happy enough to be there wf my friends.

First we have a school spot with our beloved guardian class, Pak Pri Juara,hahaha it's because he won a golden medal nation teacher olympiad in Math. Amazing teacher :) and Ok these are that I called "behind the scene"

with Amira's car :)

 that's what we have in class hahaha

 hold it tight and don't ever break it up

The Boys 

 Take a deep breath

 What I Wear : flower dress by CZ (my design)//Louis denim jacket//ripcurl backpack//random shoes and watch

 Yeah I'm with Gracie on the top of Jeep

Love you All my BEST :)

I love today I love SMADA I love my class and I love my BEST