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Named Lina Susanti, born on 23rd of June 1994. I'm really 18 years old. I'm a fine student of Senior High who wanna be a pharmacist. Still join a lesson course, astronomy Olympiad, and seriously study about Science. Sometimes, I write stories, songs, and article. Fond of presenting and announcing. Love clothes designing.

I'm Javanese and Madura blooded. Brown skin, brown reddish hair, 160 cm (more) height and 46 kg weight. Little bit arrogant, possessive, indifferent, but still simple, cheerful, keep spirit whatever I feel, enjoy, care to everybody who care about me. Really love Doraemon and Barbie. Fans of Sonia Eryka and BLINK.

Haters? I have, but really don't care about it. Just go on and keep spirit.


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This is not fashion blog. This is about what I like to be done. All I write here are originally taking by me myself. Happy Reading :)

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