Saturday, August 27, 2011

Too Much Arts

Hi Bloggies,

Long time no see this site cause I was too busy with my job as student. Although this month is ramadhan, I had many task from school and many activities in the last independent day. What I did? I cooked some ice for break fasting and I performed an ansamble music with my classmates. I love it :*
Well, now I am on a long holiday. Two weeks are enou gh for me. But I have a big task from my Indonesian teacher u,u. Read a novel and make an analysis data include its intrisik and ekstrinsik information. It’s getting hard when  I knew the novel shouldn’t contain love story. And I borrowed a novel from cindy. Yeah I got “NEGERI 5 MENARA” and it contains 400 pages. Absolutely 400 pages for two weeks (maybe not two weeks cause I’m too lazy).

Ok let me start what I want to tell here, actually about fashion.
In this occasion, I want to let you know my lovely art dress. It has too much arts. In every parts it has different art and colour. Some like batik and some like floral design. It has a little jean part too. But, I forget how much I bought or even I don’t really know it cost. Cause I got it from my beloved mom. I suggest my mom has a great fashion taste hahaha.


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