Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get Your Face!

Hi styleups reader,
Now I want to show my cutie T-shirt. I love this one cause it has unique design like my face (but not really cause I'm more). Pink and black, pink block this and  black just draw on its face. This unique stuff suitable for going hang out or course. Simple, unique, cutie, love it :*. Just combine this one with a legging and a high heels or flat shoes, you'll get an eye catching look :)


 Emm and these are my photo with my face T-shirt on. Little blur actually. I just took these using my blackberry cam.

GUESS WHO WERE TAKING THOSE PICTURES? MY MOM. I believe she has a very very great fashion and photograph taste. Even she is 51 years old now. Love you mom. Hope you are always ready to take my pose :D

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