Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy 18th!!

Whoaaa!! I'm turning to 18. I feel the time running so fast. I just remember a year ago I celebrate my sweet 17th, and seriously now I'm the real 18 girl. You know guys, I'm getting closer to be adult. But, ready or not, this ia my life! And I love my life. Sure, don't miss a thing in your own life, You Only Live Once. YOLO!!! And now, it's time to tell you all how awsome my birthday!!
Several days before 23june (my birthday) and it was 21june I held a small party wif my classmates. But that was not my own party, because we held it together. I mean all of my friends who birth on June were celebrating too :D We had lunch at Pizza Hut. And we made crowded there till the waitress felt like we are a trouble maker ._.
Hahahaha. Here there are some picts of us
I wore
-Shirt from Gaudi
-Jeans from Health
-Headband from Stroberi acessoris
-Necklace from Malioboro Jogja
-Sling bag from Bonia
-Shoes from The Little Things She Needs

with Ratna, wearing Hut Ballon

A gift from my besties


June's people (Except Grace, actually she is May)

with Elika

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