Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Look

Hi bloggers, long time no see this site. But as you can look, I had some new decoration here! I changed my last address style-up-style.blogspot and thia the new one linasusanti23.blogspot.com. Yeah, I know, it will take many promotion again to make you sure about my new site. But, that's no problem :D

Beside the new addres, I also made over my header. I just feel bored with the last. I think it doesn't have a good look. And I hope this new header will more interest. Actually, this is not only fashion blog again. You can know by reading my header "Daybook of Folksy Belle", little bit the sama wif kak Sonia's blog. Yep, I 'm being addicted to her blog. It's fantastic :3

Here, I'll tell more about my daily life. But, don't worry I'll post some new outfit. I still LOVE fashion much. Hahaha.

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