Sunday, July 29, 2012

Duk-duk Time

Hey gorgeous, I just arrived from my classmates birthday (AGAIN, Read here) and my class “BUKBER” emm it’s kinda a big break fasting (??). We had a party again after last month we held a party in Pizza Hut. You should know, hoe messy we are!! But so fun and cool enough. Here some captures of us!!

Happy Birthday Cicik!! Have a blast, much love =3

I wore the latest outfit post

Ulalala! I took a picture with my classmates who enjoy on fashion blog too. She is a hijaber. Her blog is so cute and interesting, especially for you whom wearing a veil/hood/hijab. Find her outfits on Passion for Fashion.



  1. =D jenesia jg fashion blogger... this world is so tiny

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    2. iya, Jenesia juga fashion blogger. Jangan lupa vote dia ya

      Makasih Sur, sudah komen disini

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, salam blogger juga
      Makasih juga udah komen, mampir lagi yaa =)