Friday, July 13, 2012

What am I doing?

Holla hallo Bellies, what's up bro and sist? Did you enjoy your first day at school? what about your MOS or OSPEK? Hahaha have bet times at school gals!

Well, I enjoyed my first day absolutely hahaha because there were any lessons yet. We were spending the time by doing "idle". I was gossiping with my classmates about what the latest hot news. Unfortunately, my best friend, Gita Wahyu Retnani, just arrived from Jakarta. She didn't bring anything for me, but it doesn't matter since I could see her again. Well, she told me about "Path" and now I 'm tasteful to be there.
Just add my Path "Lina Susanti" I'll accept all friends.

Beside talking about my first day at school, in this post I want to share my first clothing design using Corel Draw X3 . Look funny but not bad for the first job, hahaa.

I called it cropped batik and floral dress, and you should know that it will be my next oufit. I'll choose my own clothes hahaha So, wait this outfit. Be patient all :)

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