Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Floral Feather Chain

Hi Bellies, what’s up today gals? Where are you going for this holiday? Shopping? Swimming? Or maybe watching movie? No matter what you do this holiday, I hope you will be happy and enjoy your vacation.
Now, let me share what I have in this holiday. Actually, I don’t go anywhere like everybody does. I just make my own vacation. I decorate my lovely room, because it seems bored and uninteresting. You know I don’t have enough money to buy decorations equip. But, it doesn’t matter, I have an idea. I collect my magazines and those are about fashion yum!! And make it become………..taratara!!

Wanna this wallpaper?? Haha, I will explain how to make it. And these are the things you need:
1.        Wrapping paper or color paper
2.        Magazines (as many as you have)
3.       Glue or tape
4.      Scissors
Follow these easy steps:
1.       Cut all the articles you like in your magazines
2.       Divide the wrapping paper into 3 parts, cut it
3.       Stick the wrapping papers in the bottom of your wall
4.      Stick the articles on your wall, ignore the pattern. It will seem good when you stick it randomly.
5.       And that’s your new wall!!


And this not gonna be a perfect post without any outfits. So here some pictures of mine when I started using my new wallpapers. Not perfect enough because I took it alone using my digital cam. Little hard but I try to get the best angle.

That’s my mommy’s dress, but she gives it to me. Yeah, it looks like 70s era. My mom told me, she bought it when my old brother is playing car toy and of course when I haven’t born yet. My daddy bought this dress for my mom. They look so romantic I think. But you know my father has died. I love this dress much. It has a floral ornament and a chain there. So beautiful, right?

1.       * Floral dress
2.       * Gladiator wedges from FASHION (a house factory of shoes in Sidoarjo)
3.       * B&W Feathers eardrop
4.       * Bird twin ring

Hope you love my post and enjoy reading!

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